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The Lite Choice is the Right Choice!

KTU 103.5 features The Lite Choice – NYC healthiest soft serve

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Grand Opening of Huntington TLC Store

March 21st was the grand opening of a new Lite Choice in Huntington, New York! Susan and Sharon are the owners of the beautiful new location. The grand opening was a huge success! There were tons of happy, amazing customers excited to try the soft serve. Everyone was very excited about the new store and thought the soft serve was delicious! There was also a brand new TLC van at the store. The Lite Choice is very excited to expand to a wonderful new area.

International Restaurant & Foodservice Show

The International Restaurant & Foodservice Show Of New York Was An Amazing Success!

The Lite Choice participated at the International food show at the Javits Center from March 1 to 3. We had a booth there along with the Electro Freeze company. We served over 3,000 free small servings of Dark Chocolate Truffle and French Vanilla!

Photo Shoot Friday: Tasti-D-Lite, I'm breaking up with you.

Ellen from Fired ‘n’ Fabulous took a tour of The Lite Choice! Check out her experience below!

It’s not you, it’s me. My needs have changed. I’ve found something real and that is made using USDA organic flavors, that satisfies my taste buds like nothing else can. I’m moving on…

When the owner of The Lite Choice emailed me about coming in to do a “Taste The Difference” tour, I was all over it. Sampling yummy froyo—now that’s something I’m good at! Actually, I learned that it’s not froyo and it’s not ice cream, which is why it’s called soft serve. Why? Because it only contains 3 percent of fat, and ice cream has at least 10. And, TLC is all natural—it’s not made with added sugars and artificial ingredients that’s used in frozen yogurt. Pretty cool, huh?
I was greeted with a cup of hot chocolate—it was so rich and chocolaty. And, it only sets you back 130 calories and 99 cents!
You know when you walk into a yogurt store with your heart set on Cookies ‘n’ Cream, only to be let down when you see it’s not being served that day? Well,  TLC makes a promise that you can have any of their 70 flavors at any time. Seems impossible, right? Everything can be made with vanilla or chocolate—flavored syrups and toppings are added to make the flavor of your choice.
One of my favorites was peanut butter. The peanuts are ground fresh, directly into your cup! It was so yummy, and the crunchy texture made it so I didn’t even need a topping!
My absolute favorite was Chocolate Chip Mint. Pieces of mint candy bar were mixed in with chocolate—it was so so good. Seriously, it tasted like something you’d get at Cold Stone, without all the fat and calories. It’s only 109 cals a serving! 
I was so busy sampling every flavor that was put before me—Raspberry, Butter Pecan, Coconut, Chocolate Fudge, Banana—that I didn’t get any pics! But at least I snapped this hot fudge sundae before I devoured it. How many calories would you guess this is?
You know me, I’m always trying to find ways to be eat better. One thing I’ve been working on recently is cutting back my intake of processed foods and foods that contain a bijillion ingredients I can’t pronounce—healthier dessert options is a start, right?!
TLC gave me a coupon to come in with six friends to get FREE soft serve, so to all my NYC readers out there, let me know when you want to go and we’ll make it happen! I’d love to bond with you :)
Geeze, it’s only 10am and I’m now dying for a treat! I’m off to the gym though for yoga and a kickass treadmill run. Tell me: What’s your favorite froyo/ice cream/soft serve flavor? What about the toppings? Ohh I looove toppings! 

Soft Serve Heaven: Tour of The Lite Choice

Katie from LilVeggiePatch took a “Behind the Scenes” tour of The Lite Choice! Here is her recap:

This morning I had the pleasure of taking a two hour tour of The Lite Choice at their 95th and Broadway location.

When Claudia, the Director of Operations at The Lite Choice, contacted me about taking a “taste the difference” tour of their store, I jumped at the chance.  As you probably know, I’m a huge fan of The Lite Choice, and have gone there on many, many occasions in the past six months!  On one of the coldest days this winter, my dad even trekked out into the cold to pick up a cup for me.

As soon as I arrived. I was greeted by Claudia who handed me a cup of hot chocolate to warm up.  Their hot chocolate is only 130 calories, low fat, and made without preservatives, additives or corn syrup.  The best part? It only costs 99 cents!

Guess who I spotted on the wall?  Looks like Missy has been here!

Once Dori (whom I met a couple weeks ago after the NYRR 4M GridIron race) arrived, Claudia began the tour by explaining a little about the company.  Many of The Lite Choice stores in New York are former Tasti D Lites.  The president and CEO, Ron Greenstein, wanted to create a healthier alternative to other soft-serve companies that rely on artificial ingredients to keep their calories down.  There are currently 30 locations, 16 of which in New York.  They’re even opening a shop in Montreal!

They frequently participate in auctions and benefits, donating coupons and soft serve to raise money for the community.   All of the corporate-owned stores use green cleaning products, and they’re hoping to incorporate biodegradable spoons and plastic bags into their business soon. Their goal? To become the “Greenest and Cleanest” company in New York.

It is also certified Kosher.

Each TLC store has 4-6 flavors readily available.

Most of the flavors have a Chocolate or French Vanilla base; see the nutritional information.

You can also have any flavor you want, any time!  There are 70 readily available flavors, 51 of which are made using USDA-certified organic flavors64 flavors are gluten-free, and they’re working on improving those last 6 flavors.  The soft serve is sweetened with beet and cane sugars; no extra sugar is added.  (You can find the nutritional information for each flavor online.)

First, you start with a soft-serve base.

Add your all-natural flavoring, which has pre-calibrated portions so you don’t get more than you bargained for.

Then it gets mixed up…

… and voila!  Your flavor of choice, right at your finger tips. One of the flavors Dori and I tried was Chocolate-Covered Strawberry, created for Valentine’s Day.  Hazelnut Fudge was also a big hit… almost like Nutella!

And unlike some “other” soft serve companies, The Lite Choice’s flavors actually taste like what you ordered, because it’s made up of those ingredients.  Almond butter soft serve? Made from real almond butter!  Chocolate-hazelnut fudge? Made from real (fat free!) fudge!

(The almond and peanut butters are for sale; the chocolate sauce is so addicting that there are customers who come in and order containers of it straight!)

You can order protein shakes made with whey protein powder.

I sampled a strawberry banana shake (my favorite flavor of smoothie)… so good!  I wish I knew about these earlier.

Dori tried Cookies ‘n Cream, and couldn’t stop raving about it.

They also make B Vitamin shakes and Coffee Freezes.  Claudia was pretty excited about the Coffee Freeze- she was sipping one when I arrived- and made one for us to try.  It’s made with Kosher Colombian coffee, and tasted much better than a Frappuccino.

We also tried a hot fudge sundae with roasted peanuts and almonds.  Yes, it was as good as it looks.  Move over, Dairy Queen!

There are all kinds of toppings you can add to your treat, including Cinnamon Puffins! (This is delicious with the Almond Butter flavor.)

The Lite Choice sells a variety of snacks to go, including 10 flavors of soft serve bars.

They also make single-serving slices of cake (which I may have just eaten for dessert!), soft serve sandwiches, and gorgeous full-size cakes.  I want to get one of these for my next birthday!

Become a fan on Facebook and follow The Lite Choice on Twitter for daily promo codes (free toppings, free bottles of water, upgrade a size, buy-one-get-one-free, etc.) and giveaways.

Thanks to Claudia and Ron for their generosity!  I can’t wait to get back to The Lite Choice for another hit :-D

Have you been to The Lite Choice? What is your favorite flavor? Mine is Almond Butter!

Electro Freeze Tri-State Frozen Dessert Expo

The Lite Choice was one of the many companies from the tri-state area who attended the Electro Freeze Frozen Dessert Expo on February 13th, 2010. The show displayed different types of soft serve machines and offered educational product exhibits.


The attendees were very impressed with how delicious and creamy our soft serve was.


The Lite Choice was very happy to be a part of the event.


The Lite Choice is the Right Choice!

The Lite Choice Tour

Ada from NYCOLLEGEATS gives a recap of her tour at The Lite Choice!

Hello everyone! A few weeks ago I was contacted by The Lite Choice and offered a tour of one of their stores along with samples of their various products. I’m not gunna lie, I jumped around my apartment upon receiving this email because you all have witnessed my infatuation with the frozen dessert. Before the founding of The Lite Choice (in 2008) I was addicted to Tasti D-Lite and would get one EVERY single day before swim practice. While I still occasionally enjoy Tasti, I feel The Lite Choice far surpasses them in terms of quality and taste.

I got to meet the lovely Claudia, pictured below, who explained the technical and business aspects of the chain. I found this highly fascinating, since I prefer to understand a company’s values before whole-heartedly supporting them.

She shared some interesting info about the company’s founding and the product’s nutrition. All these years I have erroneously deemed it “fro-yo” when technically it is a “frozen dessert” since it does not contain enough fat to be considered ice cream and does not contain the probiotics of yogurt.

A serving of their yogurt contains 80 calories per cup (some flavors slightly more), is certified kosher, low fat and gluten free. They also do not utilize any artificial ingredients or preservatives. I was quite impressed by how many of their flavors were certified organic, which you can distinguish by the green labelling.

Claudia was so generous and offered to concoct a bunch of products for me to sample. An interesting part of The Lite Choice is that they can instantly create ANY flavor of your selection in addition to the flavors they offer that day. This was a dangerous piece of info for me to learn, since now I might get one every day! Out of the selection of flavors, I selected hazelnut, and coconut. I also got to sample the flavors of the day, which included banana pudding, dark chocolate truffle, vanilla, fluffernutter, and caramel. Holy. Yum. All of these flavors were amazing, but my favorites were definitely the hazelnut and caramel. Might I say these tasted better then Haagen-Daz?

To concoct the flavor Claudia simply filled a cup with vanilla soft serve

Added a couple pumps of flavoring

Placed it in the stirrer

And voila! Easy as pie (or as hazelnut soft serve, I should say):)

She also asked me if I had a favorite product of theirs, and I immediately responded with “coffee freeze” which is essentially a coffee milkshake. I may not have mentioned this before, but I am a milkshake fanatic. When I was younger I drank one every single day and never got sick of them. My favorite milkshake flavor is definitely coffee, and this was a fabulous version of one. As I was drinking I wished the cup would never end since it was SO tasty:)

She also whipped up a banana protein shake, which contained the whey form of protein. The shake included vanilla soft serve

organic banana, organic milk, and whey protein.

Off into the vitamix it goes!

Holy yum! The below picture is terribly blurry, but trust me. This bad boy was amazing. I could see it being a great post-run snack between the milk’s calcium, the banana’s potassium, and the whey protein.

The Lite Choice also sells freshly ground peanut butter and almond butter which contain nothing but the nuts.

I got to sample a cup of both and, man, were these tasty. I wanted to add some to my soft serve.

but I didn’t have to since it was already incorporated into one of the flavors. . . fluffernutter! I loved that this flavor did not taste artificial, but like actual freshly ground peanut butter.

They also offer an array of great toppings, with my favorites being the cereal, almonds, and m&ms( for a special treat).

In addition to their famous soft serve, they sell a plethora of bars which come in such interesting flavors as “cookies and cream” and “coffee espresso”. Claudia gave me a huge array to take home, so I look forward to sampling some tonight.

For the colder months they offer hot chocolate, which at 99 cents is such a steal. It tastes like thick, chocolaty goodness rather than the watered-down variety sold at many corner stores. At 130 calories per cup, it also makes for a healthy choice!

Look how cute this cake was! I might have to get one for Valentine’s Day. . .

I love that you can buy individual slices of the cake. since sometimes you don’t want to purchase an entire one.

Mmm more bars and sandwiches

After speaking with Claudia I also learned that the company strives to aid the community by offering special promotions and handing out samples in local schools and gyms. They also plan to work with a diabetes foundation, which will be really great. They extend their generosity even further by providing gift cards and deals through their Twitter and Facebook pages. I highly recommend that you follow them on Twitter and Facebook so that you can score some awesome deals!

Now that I’ve had a tour and learned about the company’s values, I feel great fueling my soft serve addiction with their product. Not only does The Lite Choice possess a superior taste, but the company promotes great values in aiding the environment and local communities. Man, writing this post made me seriously crave some more, I’m going to dip into my freezer supply now;)

Thank you so much, Claudia, for giving me such a great tour! I seriously felt like yesterday was my birthday haha.

Posted by Ada

Blogger Meetup at The Lite Choice

On Saturday, January 30th, 8 food bloggers met up for dinner at a Mexican restaurant in Forest Hills, New York called 5 Burro Cafe!


At the meetup:

Monique from Food Snob, Missy from Missy Maintains, Julie from Julie GoLean, Dawn from Dawn Dishes It Out, Jen from Pieces of Me, Joanne from Eats Well With Others, Mari from Namaste Mari, and Sarah from Mom on the Run.

When we heard about the meetup, we invited the bloggers to The Lite Choice location in Queens which is right around the corner from the restaurant they went to. We kept the store open an extra hour for them so that they could come after dinner and enjoy the soft serve of their choice. 


Missy said, “The girl working behind the counter (Stephanie) was really great!  We thanked her million times for working late for us! She was a sweetheart and very helpful!”

The girls were able to choose from any of the flavors!!



046 047




Missy went with her favorite, Oreos N’ Cream!!


She said, “It was extra good last night! There were big chunks of Oreos! I love that Stephanie asked if I wanted extra vanilla on top. Yum!”

This was Julie’s first time at TLC and was impressed with her Chocolate Mint!


Mo loved her cup of Snickers! She said, “It tasted just like I was eating a Snickers candy bar!” Mo brought her boyfriend back an O’Henry since his name is Henry!


Mari and Joanne got Dulce de Leche. Joanne described her soft serve as, “a cup of heaven.” Sarah loved her Milky Way and was very excited to bring her husband back a cup of White Mint!





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The girls had a great time and plan to have many more meetups at The Lite Choice.