The Truth Behind our TLC

So, if The Lite Choice isn’t frozen yogurt and it’s not ice cream… then what is it exactly? It’s soft serve and it’s better.

Soft serve is a frozen dessert very similar to, but much lighter than ice cream. Because it is lower in milk fat and contains up to 60% air by volume, soft serve technically cannot be called ice cream. It is not made with live cultures of yogurt and is therefore not yogurt either.

We make our own 100 % all-natural soft serve from the finest natural ingredients and farm fresh dairy. It’s low fat, low carb, lower calorie, gluten-free, and kosher. There is NO corn syrup, artificial additives or preservatives.

Our original or chocolate is blended will all-natural and organic flavors, to create any flavor, any time. We’ve created flavor groupings by calories ranging from 80-120 per serving. So go ahead, ENJOY!

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