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Karla Walsh from The Healthful Bites won a “Taste the Difference Tour” from our sweepstakes. Continue reading for her recap:

When I was interning in the City last summer, I tried to make the rounds to various restaurants to try the offerings. Of course, New York is famous for the pizza, pretzels and cupcakes, but there are plenty of other goodies to discover. I chronicled my ten favorite places that I had visited over the summer on this blog before moving back to the Big Apple, and the folks over at The Lite Choice discovered themselves on my list!

Claudia and Ron were kind enough to offer a visit to one of the “TLC” stores for a Taste the Difference tour.

When I arrived, Ron told me about the USDA organic flavors and the all-natural and kosher dairy mix that makes up the yogurt base. Today’s flavors at the Upper West Side location? Chocolate Rocky Road, Raspberry Truffle, Chocolate, French Vanilla, Angel Food Cake and Chocolate Chip Mint. All flavors have between 80 and 120 calories per serving—much less than the 200+ calories per serving that can be found in premium ice cream flavors with the same name (300 calories per half cup, Haagen Dazs?!? Seriously?).

Ron let me take the reigns and fill a cup. I began with a couple spoonfuls of Angel Food Cake (tastes just like the pastry Mom makes!) and French Vanilla (a classic!).

Next, I learned about the peanut and almond butter options for mix-ins or toppings. No doubt, other food bloggers out there would have a ball playing with, and tasting the creations from, the fresh nut butter churner!

Simply flip a switch and the nuts—and nothing else—are mixed into a creamy consistency. Ron topped the French Vanilla yogurt with some almond butter, then mixed the two in the fancy “Any Flavor, Any Time” shake-like machine! The results, with a little hot fudge that Ron recommended:

Like a Reese’s treat with some cool vanilla thrown in the mix! I snagged a few bites of this as well…had to pace myself! 😉

Last summer, and the times that I have been back this year, I’d noticed the “Any Flavor, Any Time” sign, but never taken advantage of it. So I asked Ron, “How do they do that?”

Well, you begin with a plain base, such as French Vanilla. Next, add a squirt from their flavor bottles, which are basically blended fruit concentrates or other natural flavors.

Then get ready to do some mixing! The flavor and yogurt go on a ride in the shake machine until they are thoroughly combined.

I got to try this too! And can I say thank you Ron for the perfect angle on the photos to make my biceps look nice and buff? :)

The final product: Strawberry yogurt. The verdict: another winner! And there is no additional cost for custom flavors. Cool!

We also chatted about the stores loyal customers (some come in twice or three times a day, slurping on protein shakes for meal replacements!) and discussed top toppings. Can you guess which is the most ordered?

Rainbow sprinkles. (Or do you call them Jimmies?) Either way, I can see their colorful appeal. Just remember that one tablespoon has about 60 calories, so you may want to ask for “light sprinkles.” There are a few tasty fruit toppings offered as well!

Our tour ended with a trip the the lobby freezers, which stocked to-go pints and quarts, ice cream sandwiches and bars and frozen yogurt cakes. I might have to come back for one of the cakes for a future celebration, don’t you think?

What a fun afternoon! You can’t really have a bad one with all that tasty yogurt. Thanks to the crew at The Lite Choice for the fantastic tour and delicious treats! You know I’ll be back 😉

What is your favorite flavor and topping for ice cream, frozen yogurt or gelato?

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